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Welcome to the Claim 2 Gain website, before you read about our services for reclaiming your PPI on loans and credit cards, please take a bit of time to find out what we offer, what our charges are and why we believe you should use us. Not all Claims Management Companies are the same so before you sign up check what you are getting and make sure you are getting the best deal – you may have already been ripped off, make sure you aren’t ripped off again!


No-Win, No-Fee service

   If we complete your claim and you aren’t offered any form of refund or compensation you don’t pay us a penny*.


No upfront fees

 We don’t charge upfront fees and we don’t charge any ‘review’ fees. Unlike some companies who will charge you just to ‘review’ your claim and tell you whether they think you have a case or not. We will review your case without asking for an upfront fee and if we don’t believe we will win your claim or we are unable to help we will not charge you.


We only charge on what you receive

Unlike some other companies we don’t keep all YOUR interest (which can be as much as 50% of the total claim) and we don’t charge on any reduction in your future loan repayments (which could leaving you owing MORE than you actually receive as a payment!

See our ‘What do CMCs Charge‘ article for more details.


Fixed fees of 25% (plus VAT)

We don’t have a complicated charging structure dependent on the number of claims or the type of claim we are dealing with. When we deal with your claim the fee structure is simple. We charge 25% (plus VAT) of any amounts refunded to you.


*In the unlikely event that you want to cancel our services after we have started your claim and we have not received a Final Decision and/or the complaint can be progressed further we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee in accordance with our Terms of Business (clause 12.4).



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